FAQ About The Flu Shot

FAQ About The Flu Shot *Can getting the flu vaccine give you the flu or make you sick?

       Fact: The flu shot can’t give you the flu

*Do I really need to get the flu vaccine this year if I got it last year?

Fact: For now, a new flu shot each year is still recommended

*Could getting the flu vaccine make it easier for me to catch viruses, pneumonia or other infectious diseases?

Fact: Flu vaccines reduce the risk of pneumonia and other illnesses

*Isn’t the flu shot just a “one size fits all” approach that doesn’t make sense for everyone?

Fact: You have many flu vaccine options, including egg-free, virus-free, preservative-free, low-dose, high-dose and no-needle choices

*Can the flu shot cause death?

Fact: There have been no confirmed deaths from the flu shot

*Aren’t deaths from the flu exaggerated?

Fact: Deaths from influenza range from the lower thousands to tens of thousands each U.S. flu season

*Aren’t the side effects of the flu shot worse than the flu?

Fact: Influenza is nearly always far worse than flu vaccine side effects

*Don’t flu vaccines contain dangerous ingredients such as mercury, formaldehyde and antifreeze?

Fact: Flu shot ingredients do not pose a risk to most people

*Shouldn’t pregnant women avoid the flu shot or only get the preservative-free shot? Could the flu vaccine cause miscarriages?

Fact: Pregnant women are a high-risk group particularly recommended to get the flu shot. Fact: The flu shot reduces miscarriage risk. Fact: Pregnant women can get any inactivated flu vaccine

*Can flu vaccines cause Alzheimer’s disease?

Fact: There is no link between Alzheimer’s disease and the flu vaccine; flu vaccines protect older adults

*Don’t pharmaceutical companies make a massive profit on flu vaccines?

Fact: Vaccines make up a tiny proportion of pharma profits. That makes it possible for them to continue making them in the event of a pandemic

*Flu vaccines don’t really work, do they?

Fact: Flu vaccines reduce the risk of flu

*But flu shots don’t work in children, do they?

Fact: Flu vaccines reduce children’s risk of flu

*Can flu vaccines cause vascular or cardiovascular disorders?

Fact: Flu shots reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke

*Can vaccines can break through the blood-brain barrier of young children and hinder their development?

Fact: Flu vaccines have been found safe for children 6 months and older

*Will the flu vaccine cause narcolepsy?

Fact: The U.S. seasonal flu vaccine does not cause narcolepsy.

*Can the flu vaccine weaken your body’s immune response?

Fact: The flu vaccine prepares your immune system to fight influenza.

*Can’t the flu vaccine cause nerve disorders such as Guillain-Barré syndrome?

Fact: Influenza is more likely than the flu shot to cause Guillain-Barré syndrome.

*Can the flu vaccine make you walk backward or cause other neurological disorders like Bell’s palsy?

Fact: Neurological side effects linked to flu vaccination are extremely rare (see Concern No. 18), but influenza can cause neurological complications.Fact: The flu shot has not been shown to cause Bell’s palsy.

*Don’t people recover quickly from flu since it’s not really that bad?

Fact: Influenza knocks most people down *hard*

*Can people die from the flu even if they don’t have another underlying condition?

Fact: Otherwise healthy people DO die from the flu

*Can people with egg allergies get the flu shot?

Fact: People with egg allergies can get a flu shot

*Can’t I just take antibiotics if I get the flu?

Fact: Antibiotics can’t treat a viral infection

*Since I got the flu last time I got a flu shot, that means it doesn’t really work for me personally, right?

Fact: The flu shot cannot guarantee you won’t get the flu, but it reduces the risk of catching it

*But I don’t need the shot since I never get the flu, right?

Fact: You can’t predict whether you’ll get the flu

*Can’t I protect myself from the flu by simply eating right and washing my hands regularly?

Fact: A good diet and good hygiene alone cannot prevent the flu

*Won’t getting the flu simply make my immune system stronger?

Fact: The flu weakens your immune system while your body is fighting it and puts others at risk

*If I get the flu, why won’t just staying home prevent me from infecting others?

Fact: You can transmit the flu without showing symptoms

*Can having a new vaccine each year make influenza strains stronger?

Fact: There’s no evidence flu vaccines have a major effect on virus mutations

*Isn’t the “stomach flu” the same thing as the flu?
Fact: The “stomach flu” is a generic term for gastrointestinal illnesses unrelated to influenza

*Is there any point in getting a flu shot if I haven’t gotten one by now?

Fact: Getting the flu shot at any time during flu season will reduce your risk of getting the flu

All information taken from NPR.org


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