Make a Watermelon Keg

Make a Watermelon Keg & Fill it with Watermelon Boozie Juice

Make a Watermelon Keg & Fill it with Watermelon Boozie Juice


Make a Watermelon Keg


From the hardware store:

  • Hose Bibb that's the tap, Quarter Turn
  • Faucet Lock Nuts those black circles
  • Brass Pipe Nipple 1/2" the piece with threads on both ends
  • Coupling 1/2" what looks like a hex nut
  • drill bit optional

From the grocery store:

  • Watermelon
  • Saran wrap or similar cling wrap

From your kitchen:

  • paring knife
  • ice cream scoop a spoon could work in a pinch
  • large bowl
  • blender
  • strainer / sieve

From the liquor store:

  • vodka or your poison of choice


  1. Use your knife to cut the top off your melon.
  2. Try to keep the hole fairly small, but make sure it's big enough to stick your hand in.
  3. Make sure you cut on an angle (like you would if you were carving a pumpkin) so you can use the top as a lid without it falling in.
  4. You can cut a small notch out of the lid to make it easier to refill your melon after your guests inevitably finish off the original contents.
  5. Scoop out all of the delicious insides and set them aside.
  6. Using the drill bit, make a hole near the bottom of your melon. Be sure to put it on the prettiest side of your watemelon (this is, after all, what all your guests will be admiring).
  7. If you don't have a drill bit handy, a corkscrew would work.
  8. Using a paring knife, make the hole the same size as your coupling. Take your time with this step as you'll need a good fit if you don't want it to leak.
  9. Don't just shove your coupling in the hole as a bruised melon won't be watertight.
  10. Wash all the hardware.
  11. Screw your nipple into the coupling with one of the lock nuts in-between.
  12. Push the coupling through the melon.
  13. Place a small piece of saran wrap over the coupling and cut an opening in the middle. The plastic wrap should help prevent leaks.
  14. Screw on the tap with a lock nut between the tap and the coupling.
  15. Wrap the excess saran wrap around the edge of the lock nut and trim it so it looks pretty.
  16. Throw the watermelon guts into a blender and turn it into juice.
  17. Pour the juice through a strainer to get the worst of the pulpy bits out.
  18. Add a generous helping of vodka and stir.
  19. Put in watermelon, add ice and enjoy!