Many Uses for Clothespins


Many Uses for Clothespins

Many Uses for Clothspins


  1. Use them to display photos or your children’s artwork from a wire.

    Keep your food fresh by using clothespins to seal opened bags of bread, chips and even frozen vegetables.

    When dining outside, use clothespins to hold your tablecloth down to keep it from blowing away. You can even spray them in bright, summery colors.

    Glue magnets to the back of them and use them as refrigerator magnet clips. Be more organised and write ‘shopping’, ‘babysitter’ or ‘to-do-list’ on separate pins.

    Write a short message like ‘Congratulations’, ‘Happy Birthday’ or even someone’s name on a clothespin and pin it to a gift bag.

    Keep your office space tidy by using clothespins to keep your paperwork together.

    Use them to secure the edges of a garbage bag to the rim of your trash can to keep the bag from falling in.

    Use a permanent marker to label clothespins as ‘TV’, ‘Phone’, ‘Laptop’ etc. and use them to identify which cords go to which appliance.

    If you don’t have enough hangers with clamps, use clothespins to hang your skirts on normal hangers. You could also pin your scarves (or your husband’s ties) on a wire hanger to keep them in place.

    Use them as bookmarks, but only the plastic ones as the wooden ones might damage your books.